Sunday, 22 April 2012

Kangin would return to Super Junior ?!?!

Hello everyone! I heard this news at about Kangin would return to Super Junior ^^ I really exciting plus happy that He is discharge from Military Service ♥ Wishing him and the others members plus Henry , Zhoumi , Kibum & Heechul a healthy life and always smile ♥

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`Bully is always a bully

Hello again :) There is always a bully in my school , and there would always be the bully's victim ... Well , I'm one of the Bully's victim :) I don't really know why  must there be a person be bullying other person :) Isn't that insane ?? I mean seriously, bullying other person ?? I could even bully my little brother but I can't XD but it is something that I can't deal with it . Just wishing that it would stop ^^

"Bully is always a Bully,
Always depressed ,
Always sad,
but it makes us[bully's victims]
more sadder,
and more depressed.
I hope everything would go back
to Normal"

                                                                                     Your OWNER,

About Me!

Hello beautiful world^^ This is Ariesya :D This is the fourth or third blog that I have now XD The other blog that i have now is all ruin XD Anyway, as you can see at "About Owner", I'm a Malaysian girl aged 13 years old :) I love KPOP and I hope you can accept the fact :) Here is a short Biodata about me :

[This Picture was taken in 2011]

Name : Puteri Nur Ariesya Nabilla Binti Khushairi
[Call me Ariesya or Sya]
Age : 13 Years Old
Country : Malaysia
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Dislikes :

Hope you have fun with my blog!

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